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Welcome to the 2017 "Warbirds Over the Beach"!

Join us the weekend of May 19-21st, for a trip back in time to the memorable days of the Second World War. A time when everything was much simpler..

Travel to Virginia Beach, alongside the bright sunshine of the Atlantic shoreline, where German submarines once hunted merchant ships in the Gulfstream waters. Look up in the sky, where you will see fighters and bombers of our armed forces patrol the countryside to protect our homeland from the Axis forces.

You will experience all this and more during the weekend before Memorial Day with hundreds of re-enactors, actual warplanes of these times and entertainment reminiscent of the 1940s.

A Message from Mike Potter, Museum Director, Military Aviation Museum

If you are reading this, you are in for one of the most unique experiences that Virginia Beach has to offer. The experiences our guests have can be seen online in droves. In facts, the Museum has been listed as one of one of the top rated "Things To Do" in Virginia Beach, according to

Our guests come from all over the world to enjoy the sights, sounds and even the smell of the "glory days" of military aviation. Many of you grew up reading the exploits of military heroes and you've watched all the great aviation movies, but when you hear the thunder of a Merlin, Allison or a Wright engine coughing to life and then see and hear them throttle up, you are transported to an entirely different level of understanding of history.

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