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* All times are approximate and subject to change due to weather and mechanical conditions.

The Show is over, but the muesum is still open!

Visiting Aircraft for Warbirds Over the Beach Air Show

As a private, VFR, Day-only field, normally the Virginia Beach airport is not open to transient traffic. Additionally, the field is a turf runway only, requiring soft-field experience. However, during the upcoming air show event, the airport will be open to single engine propeller and light twin aircraft for May 19, 20 and 21 only.

You may arrive any time on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday after 8:00 AM if you have made a reservation with us. The airspace will be busy with pre-show practice on Friday and Plane rides all days so monitor Unicom 122.9 carefully. Be aware that the airport will be closed during the air show from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM each weekend day, when there will be waivered airspace in effect. If your timing is off, then we would suggest that you temporarily divert to the Currituck, NC, Airport (KNOX) or Chesapeake Regional Airport (KCPK). All aircraft flying in for the show must be removed from the field by 5 PM on Sunday the 22nd.

Parking at the airport is very limited for both cars and airplanes. Priority aircraft Visitation/Parking reservations will be given to Museum Members (Memberships may be obtained by calling our Gift Shop at 757-721-7767). We will begin accepting requests for reservations on Friday, May 5th. You may call 757-721-7767. Give your name, aircraft type and N#, souls on board, and phone number. You will be asked if you are a Museum member, have read this notice on line and you will be asked if you have had experience operating on grass within the last 12 months.

Visiting aircraft will be marshaled for parking onto the crosswind runway. You will need to bring your own chocks or tie down stakes if needed. You may camp under your aircraft, but no campfires are permitted. Parking is within the waivered area, so there is no access or viewing from this area during the waivered time period (1-3PM Sat/Sun). When this parking is full, we will not be able to accept any additional aircraft, so reserve early.

Historic Military Aircraft painted in armed forces markings will be provided free parking near the show line. If you have a Military aircraft from the first half of the last century and would like to fly in the air show, contact the Director for more information and possible permission for inclusion. Please do not be disappointed, as we have limited allocated time for demo and photo flights. Those visiting aircraft participating will be provided with fuel for the air show portion of their flight.

For any questions or clarification regarding this policy, contact the museum director at For further information about the airfield, review\airport\42VA on the Internet. The Unicom frequency is 122.9 and you can telephone for weather and winds from AWOS at (757) 204-2683. The runway is East/West, approximately a mile long, and 200 feet wide grass turf in good conditions. All take off and landings are at the owner’s own risk. There is no lighting and after dark operations are prohibited. All traffic patterns are to the South to avoid noise complaints. Aircraft demonstration flights of Military aircraft doing low passes will be conducted both weekend days from 12:30 to 3:30 PM. At this time, the airport will be closed with FAA controlled waivered airspace in effect.

Transportation from the airport to oceanfront hotels cannot be guaranteed. For rental cars delivered to the airport call Enterprise Rent-A-Car at (757) 721-4499. Tell them you are with the Military Aviation Museum event. For hotel accommodations contact the Holiday Inn Virginia Beach/Norfolk Hotel and ask if they have a weekend discount package for visiting pilots attending the air show. We have arranged for a limited number of hotel rooms to be reserved.