Campers at the Military Aviation Museum take a deep dive into the world of aviation! From the Wright Brothers to the aces of World War II, campers will be able to engage with history and science in new and exciting ways. Our camper-approved programs will challenge your child to become an aviator, engineer, and even a spy. Campers will complete STEM challenges, participate in a variety of hands-on activities, and explore history in new age-appropriate ways! Each camper will also have amazing opportunities to go behind the scenes at the Museum, and get up-close and personal with our amazing aircraft collection.

Through hands-on STEM challenges, guided tours, and activities designed to inspire and inform, campers are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience at the Military Aviation Museum.

Our Camp Program Development was Supported by a Generous Grant from The Virginia Department of Aviation:

2024 Camp Programs

Welcome to the Museum's 2024 Summer Adventure Camps! Prepare for a summer of discovery and excitement. Get ready to explore, create, and make unforgettable memories at the Museum this summer!

Summer Camp Experiences

"Everyday my son came home so excited about his day. He came home with so much new information he learned and had so much to say about what he had seen each day. He had a wonderful experience! I was extremely happy with the whole program."

- Michelle B.

"This was one of the best run camps my child has attended. As a parent, I was very impressed with the information preceding and throughout the camp, the quality of the camp day including activities and the staff, especially the camp leader."

- Patricia D.

"Outstanding camp! Our son had a phenomenal time, learned a great deal. Really well rounded day hosted by a knowledgeable, welcoming and accommodating staff!"

- Holly C.

"We absolutely love the summer programs provided by the Military Aviation Museum in Pungo. They are educational and so fun! This is our second summer attending these camps and we will definitely be back next year."

 - Sarah O.

Aviation Adventure Camps, Summer 2024


June 17-21, 2024

Explorer Aviation Adventure Camp

Ages: 9-12 years old

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Overview: The Explorer Aviation Adventure Camp caters to the inquisitive minds of children aged 9-12 who dream of soaring through the skies. Throughout the week-long adventure, participants explore the rich history of aviation, starting from the pioneering days of the Wright Brothers to the challenges of aircraft missions. Campers delve into the science of flight, gaining hands-on experience with challenges such as rocket stability in flight and experimenting with the structural integrity of different wing designs. The program also includes the thrilling opportunity for campers to hone their fighter pilot skills through the use of the museum's flight simulators and sitting in a real cockpit.

IMG-8778 (1)

June 24-28, 2024

Senior Aviation Adventure Camp

Ages: 13-15 years old

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Overview: The Senior Aviation Adventure Camp is tailored for teenagers aged 13-15 with a passion for aviation and a desire to explore more advanced aspects of the field. Over the course of the week, participants engage in a comprehensive exploration of aviation history, technology, and challenges faced by aircraft designers. From understanding the intricacies of aircraft missions to solving complex problems related to rocket stability, senior campers experience a deeper immersion into the science of flight. A significant highlight of the program is the opportunity for participants to refine their skills in the cockpit through extensive use of the museum's flight simulators and sitting in a real cockpit, providing a realistic and thrilling aviation experience.

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July 8-12, 2024

Junior Aviation Adventure Camp

Age: 6-8 years old

Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm

Overview: Designed for the youngest aviation enthusiasts, the Junior Aviation Adventure Camp offers a hands-on exploration of the exciting world of flight. Campers engage in various activities to understand the basics of the forces of flight, from crafting their own gliders and testing hot air balloons to delving into the science of lift. The camp aims to stimulate curiosity by introducing campers to simple engineering design and the creation of aircraft using common items. A highlight of the program includes the unique opportunity for junior pilots to sit in the cockpit of warbirds, fostering an early connection with the thrilling world of aviation.


July 15-19, 2024

Explorer Spies and Ciphers Camp

Ages: 9-12 years old

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Overview: The Explorer Spies and Ciphers Camp caters to the curious minds of campers aged 9-12 who are fascinated by the world of espionage. Campers delve into the history of espionage, exploring the intricacies of secret ciphers, disguises, and the tools used by spies during WWI and WWII. Activities involve practical exercises in encoding and decoding secret messages using various technologies such as signal flags, Morse code, and handheld radios. Campers also engage in intelligence gathering simulations and learn the art of disguise. The culmination of the camp involves applying acquired skills to capture a spy, providing an exciting and immersive experience for participants.


July 22-26, 2024

Senior Spies and Ciphers Camp

Ages: 13-15 years old

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Overview: The Senior Spies and Ciphers Camp is designed for older campers aged 13-15 who seek a more in-depth exploration of the world of espionage. Throughout the week, participants engage in a comprehensive study of espionage history, advanced ciphers, disguises, and intelligence tactics used during critical periods of conflict. Campers actively participate in encoding, transmitting, and deciphering complex secret messages using sophisticated techniques. The camp challenges senior spies with practical applications of their knowledge, including intelligence gathering exercises and the final-day mission to capture a spy. This immersive experience provides older participants with a deeper understanding of the fascinating and strategic world of espionage.

Junior Spies And Cipher Camp

July 29 – Aug 2, 2024

Junior Spy Camp

Ages: 6-8 years old

Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm

Overview: The Junior Spies and Cipher Camp offers an engaging introduction to the intriguing world of espionage for young campers aged 6-8. Throughout the week, junior spies embark on a thrilling journey to discover the secrets of WWI and WWII espionage. Campers learn about secret ciphers, disguises, intelligence gathering, and spy equipment in an age-appropriate and entertaining manner. Hands-on activities include encoding, transmitting, and deciphering secret messages using technologies such as signal flags, Morse code, and handheld radios. The camp reaches its exciting conclusion as campers use the skills acquired during the week to capture a spy, providing a memorable and interactive experience.

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August 5-9, 2024

Explorer Tanks and Tracks

Ages: 9-12 years old

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Overview: The Explorer Tanks and Tracks Camp caters to campers aged 9-12 who are curious about the fascinating machines used throughout history in times of war. Participants in this week-long adventure delve into the the history of tanks and armored vehicles, spanning from the Revolutionary War to World War II. The camp involves immersive activities such as creating camouflage patterns and designing armor protection through engaging challenges. Campers actively participate in mock battles, providing a dynamic and hands-on experience that deepens their understanding of historical military technology. This program sparks curiosity and appreciation for the advancements made in warfare throughout history, combining education with an exciting exploration of tanks and tracks.

Sitting in the cockpit

August 12-16, 2024

Junior Tanks and Tracks

Ages: 6-8 years old

Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm

Overview: The Junior Tanks and Tracks Camp offers young campers aged 6-8 an exciting hands-on adventure into the world of military machinery and history. Throughout the week, junior campers immerse themselves in the exploration of tanks and armored vehicles. The program starts with a journey through the Revolutionary War and progresses through to World War II. Campers engage in various activities, including creating their own camouflage patterns and designing armor protection through entertaining challenges. The camp also features mock battles that allow junior participants to experience the thrill of historical conflicts in a safe and engaging environment. This program fosters a curiosity for history and introduces campers to the technological advancements in military machinery.