The Fuel Truck's cab being raised off chassis
A 2022 view of the Fuel Truck's cab being raised off the chassis when Mil-Spec's technician's disassembled the vehicle to begin their restoration efforts. (image via Mil-Spec Vehicle Restoration)

The Fuel Truck's Cab:

The Fuel Truck's cab is perhaps the CCKW's most recognizable structure; it features in nearly all of the vehicle's numerous variants developed during WWII. It was exciting, therefore, to see Mil-Spec Vehicle Restorations begin working on this structure in June. It symbolized the start of a new phase, as the project's chassis and drive chain had received exclusive prior attention. The structure had lain in longterm storage since the vehicle's comprehensive disassembly about two years ago when its restoration began.

The CCKW's cab after retrieval from storage
The fuel truck's cab following its retrieval from storage and in its unrestored state. Note that it still retains many fittings and fixtures; these all had to be removed to allow the cab to be sandblasted to remove the old paint and corrosion. (image via Mil-Spec Vehicle Restorations)

Cab Disassembly:

After retrieving the Fuel Truck's cab from storage, the restoration team stripped it down into its component parts. This involved removing the cabin interior, junction boxes, hood hinges (and support strut), instrument cluster, dashboard, glove box, kick boards, cowl vent, and even the vehicle data plates.

The CCKW's data plate.
A view of the vehicle's data plate prior to its removal from inside the CCKW Fuel Truck's cab. (image via Mil-Spec Vehicle Restorations)

Cab Restoration:

Mil-Spec sandblasted the cab to remove old paint, dirt and corrosion, and set about repairing the structure. They removed dents from its roof while also identifying a number of non-standard holes resulting from the vehicle's post-military use. Welding over these superfluous holes, the team ground the beading smooth. The cab then received a new coat of red primer paint, as per the original.

CCKW Fuel Truck cab repainted in primer
The cab following restoration work and repainting in primer. (image via Mil-Spec Vehicle Restorations)

Interior Components Overhauled:

Mil-Spec Vehicle Restorations also began refurbishing interior cab components such as the dashboard and the switch and control panel. The latter item required a few areas of deeper corrosion to be welded over and ground smooth. After completing these repairs, the team then repainted the parts.

Repainting restored cab parts
The Fuel Truck's dashboard switch panel and other compoents following refurbishing and primer-painting. (image via Mil-Spec Vehicle Restorations)