Your Donation can help preserve a piece of Living History

The Military Aviation Museum is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. Donations to support the Museum are Tax Deductible to the extent allowable by law. 

Make a financial Donation

We gladly welcome and appreciate charitable donations from individuals and corporate entities. You can safely and easily make financial donations through our secure online portal, or call in your donation to (757) 721-7767. Your donation will ensure that future generations will learn about the history of military aviation and the wide variety of historic aircraft flown during the first half century of flight. The Military Aviation Museum is thankful for your contributions and support.


The Museum collection is constantly expanding; we are home to artifacts as large as airplanes and armored vehicles, or as small as individual pilot’s wings. Each of these items plays a role in sharing the story of WWII, and each helps connect people with the personal experiences of those who fought the war.

We do, however, have limited space in which to display, store, and care for items that are donated to the Museum, so we must be selective with the items that we add to the collection. In general items not related to Military Aviation, or to the period of WWII, are not items we are able to accept. Special exceptions are granted to items that support our WWI collection, or to our early aviation exhibit featuring a replica Wright Flyer.

When contacting our curator, please include a photo of the item, or items you wish to donate. These will expedite the review process and allow for the acceptance of your donation in a timely fashion.

We cannot accept drop-offs without a prior acceptance and an appointment. Thank you for your consideration.

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