Work on the fuel truck is proceeding well, and we anticipate its return to service sometime next summer! For safety reasons, we are installing modern fueling equipment, including filters. However, these features will remain concealed within the truck's bodywork so it can retain its external, WWII-era appearance. This will add yet another layer of period authenticity for museum visitors when they see the vehicle pull onto the ramp to fuel our flying warbirds!

The month of April saw the transmission components cleaned and reassembled, with several new old stock (NOS) parts sourced to assist this process. The team at Mil-Spec Vehicle Restoration disassembled the clutch pressure plate, then cleaned and inspected the parts before reassembling the component with a new diaphragm, pivot rings, bolts and return springs. Gearbox reassembly is continuing at some pace now.

The team also sandblasted the stripped-down chassis to remove grime and surface rust. However, corrosion was significant enough in some areas to require cutting  sections from the frame, with appropriate replacement material formed and spliced back in. The team welded these new sections in place, before grinding the seams flush to recreate the frame's original appearance and structural integrity. Following these repairs, the chassis (including its 72 inner and outer lug nuts) received a coat of red primer paint. The team then began applying the olive drab top coat to the chassis as the month came to a close.