2020 seems like so long ago! We located a WWII Fuel Truck in Ohio, and we added it to the collection with a plan to make it serviceable for refueling our airplanes. We contacted the fine folks at Mil Spec Vehicle Restorations in Belvidere, New Jersey (a beautiful town if you ever get the chance to visit!). Having restored a number of CCKW trucks in the past, their work is highly respected, but that also means that any new project has to wait for its turn in the shop.

Our CCKW 353 is now up! After being in stable storage, with some light disassembly for the last few years, the truck has now found its way onto the floor. The crew has been stripping it down to the frame of the truck where the restoration work can begin in earnest. Beginning at the frame allows components to be reinstalled as they are completed, working back towards a functioning truck. The restored truck is a step towards the larger plan of having a ramp full of restored WWII ground servicing equipment.