Explore science, history and aviation as part of a small group of students during one of our Homeschool Days. Our Homeschool Day programs are held throughout the school year, and are a great opportunity to get your homeschoolers out for an exciting trip to the Museum. The programs are designed to enrich the education being provided at home, by offering the students educational experiences and experiments you might not have the ability to do in the home.

Homeschool Days are drop-off programs, from 10:00am - 2:00pm. Pre-registration is required and attendance is capped at 15 participants. Lunch is not provided, and we do ask that all students be dropped off with a packed lunch. There is no on-site cafe option at the Museum.

November 15, 2022 | Ages 5 to 9

How to Train a Dinosaur

Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs are the focus of this session that allows students to experience the world of prehistoric life while exploring the Dinosaur park on-site.  Students will delve into the ways in which dinosaurs were able to achieve flight while also learning about the modern animals descended from these winged dinosaurs.  Students learn about scales, wings, teeth, claws, camouflage and other adaptations that animals use to survive. Students will incorporate their chosen adaptations as they work on a craft project, designing their own dinosaur to live in a specific environment. By observing wildlife in the Dinosaur park, and through the use of  gliders students will build an understanding of the forces and physiology of flight.

January 17, 2023 | Ages 12 to 17

Life on the Homefront during WWII

A concentrated study of life on the Homefront during World War II that includes learning about rationing, military manufacturing, coastal defense, and Victory Gardens.  Hands-on activities include budgeting family meals for a day using ration cards, pop riveting, identifying enemy aircraft, and planting a Victory Garden.  Lessons dive into the importance propaganda had on manufacturing, how coastal defense in the Hampton Roads area kept everyone safe, and how Victory Gardens helped feed a nation.

March 14, 2023 | Ages 5 to 9

Wonderful World of Military Planes

This STEM-focused program examines Military Aircraft of the WWII-era as case studies of a problem solving framework we can all use today! With each airplane designed to accomplish, and overcome a specific problem, they are great examples of flexible thinking and provide students an introduction into the fascinating world of engineering. In addition to an in depth examination of the aircraft in the collection, students will design their own camouflage, build and paint a wooden plane model, create a pinwheel propeller, and sit in the cockpit of one of the warbirds. ​

May 23, 2023 | Ages 10-14

WWII Military Aviation

Students dive into the exciting life of World War II pilots while exploring the various military aircraft in the Museum's collection.  Hands-on STEM activities include experiments with the Forces of Flight, sitting in a cockpit of a warbird, attempting your own flight on our simulators, and building a warbird model. Lessons introduce students to the advancements in military aircraft manufacturing during WWII and focus on the careers of flying aces from various countries.