Military Aviation Museum
Model Club

Building for the Fun of It!

Whether you have built models before, or are just getting started, the model club is the perfect place to get the support you need to start building, and finding your way in a new hobby! The Club was founded to give the many modelers in our community a place to get together, work on their projects and share techniques with members both old and new!

The Club Meets every Saturday at 10am

Exhibition Quality Models

In addition to providing a place for modelers in the community to hone their skills, and meet people who share their interests the Military Aviation Museum Model Club also supports the Museum’s educational and curatorial needs by providing exhibition quality models, demonstration pieces, and by directly engaging with the public who are interested in model making.

Historical Wargaming

Several Members of the Club also participate in Historical Wargaming at the Museum. Blood Red Skies Aircraft and Micronauts ships are regularly featured in casual games, and public participation games at the Museum. Each year the anniversary of Midway is marked with an 8 foot by 8 foot tabletop Micronauts narrative battle.