Aviation History At Home

Take a deep dive into aviation history with our Military Aviation Museum Webinars. Each features a presenter who will explore a different aircraft, battle or dimension of the Warbird community. This content is provided free of charge thanks to the support of our friends, members and volunteers.

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Designing for Victory: Albert Kahn and US Military Aviation
Norwegian Wings over Europe in WW2
Memphis Belle American and Air Force Icon
The Urban Island
AIRACOBRA! Restoring the Military Aviation Museum’s P-39
Magnificent Obsession: Ravings of a Wreck Chasing Man
Far Side of the World: Fortress Rabaul & the Battle for Southwest Pacific | Military Aviation Museum
Triumph and Controversy: General Douglas MacArthur and Air Power | Military Aviation Museum
The Cat: Flying the Consolidated PBY | Military Aviation Museum
Spitfire: An American WWII Pilot in the RAF | Military Aviation Museum
The Rescue of the Once Lost World War II Navy Aircraft from Lake Michigan | Military Aviation Museum
The Admirals Wept | Military Aviation Museum