Sbd Flap Bay Illustration
An illustration describing the workings of the SBD's flap bay, showing both the center flap element and the units used in the outer wing panels. Note the large hydraulic ram depicted at left. This mounts to the center of the rear spar and activates the flaps. Note also the flap tubes, and how they adjust the control surface position. (image from p.190 of the SBD-6 Erection & Maintenance Manual)

SBD Center Section Flap Bay :

The team at Pioneer Aero is preparing to begin their restoration of the wing center section. The first area which they will remove for rebuild is the flap bay, which attaches to the SBD’s rear spar. The following images describe this structure prior to its removal. Once the team detaches this structure, it will be fully disassembled, bead-blasted (or paint stripped) and inspected to determine each component's potential for future serviceability. Anything deemed reusable will be repaired, painted in primer and then then put safely into storage until required for refitting. Those items which are beyond salvage will be replaced, either with newly-manufactured parts or from identical original components sourced elsewhere.

20231206 090215
A view of the lower side of the wing center section. The flap bay is visible at the top of this structure. The row of ovular holes visible in the wing skin provided access for riveting the structure together during its original manufacture. They also served as inspection/maintenance portals during the aircraft’s service life. (image via Pioneer Aero Ltd.)